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Let me introduce you to Joy Bishop and Bethany Melton, who are Midwife Birth Assistants.  As a Midwife, I work with a 3 man team.  When we serve you it is our desire for your needs to be covered.  Therefore, at least one Assistant and one Apprentice join me.  

Introducing Joy Bishop


Let me introduce you to Joy Bishop! She serves as both a Midwife Assistant and assists in the office. She is blessed to be a wife of 24 years & mother to 5 children ages 12-22! Joy moved to Longmont with her family in 2006 and has grown roots here for 18 years & counting. She has always had a distinct love for mothers, babies, & families. Her personal journey into birthwork as a Midwife Assistant began unknowingly 28 + years ago, when in middle school, she began volunteering at a local hospital on the maternity floor and she was hooked. Moms & babies have always been a part of her life! Joy also has been a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Coordinator during her early years as a young military wife in the Air Force. She has given birth to 4 children, all under the loving care of midwives in both the hospital setting and in the comfort of her own home. Baby #4 was born at home in a beautiful waterbirth, which was a dream come true for Joy. And the cherry on top was the adoption of newborn Baby #5, providing another beautiful unique birth experience, which had also been a desire of her heart since she was 6 years old. Joy knows from personal experience the wonderment of pregnancy & birth and how incredible it is to meet & hold a brand new little life in your arms! Today, as a Midwife Assistant, she views each birth she attends as a precious & intimate invitation into a couple’s most sacred space. She approaches each moment with them with honor, respect & awe. Joy gives gratitude to God as she continues to learn new things daily and she strives to continually sharpen & broaden both her knowledge & skills. She opens her heart & mind to new challenges and can say that the longer she does this work, she sees the calling it truly is, which God has lovingly prepared her for her whole life. Joy went back to school in 2016 to earn her EMT Certification and since then, has served many families with both State & Private In-Home Health care services, caring for clients with various medical needs & conditions. Now she enjoys combining her life skills & experiences with her passion- BIRTH! Especially now that her children are starting to “leave the nest,” assisting at Home Births is a very fulfilling way to spend her time in this “second half” of her career. Joy is also happy to provide Mothers with Placenta Encapsulation & Tincture services.

Introducing Bethany Melton

Let me introduce you to Bethany Melton! She is a fabulous Midwife Assistant, who is also working on Midwifery Certification! Bethany loves all things birth, bellies, and babies. Ever since she was a little girl she has dreamed of supporting families through this wonderfully transformative process. She started her career as an RN in Cardiac and Med/Surg medicine, she became very disillusioned with the western medical system and decided to dive further into holistic health . After having her first son she decided to pursue the doula career feeling that it paired her love of birth with her love of supporting and advocating for families. She has since gone on to attend many workshops, and become a Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator specializing in informed decision making and advocacy. She has supported all kinds of births-high risk, twins, VBAC, unmedicated, and Caesarean; however she specializes in unmedicated birth both in and out of the hospital. She also has the privledge of being a birth assistant for local homebirth midwives in the community and is studying to be a midwife herself. When not nerding out on all things birth and babies she can be found corralling her five small children and working toward growing her local “farmette” in Erie, CO. She loves gardening, reading, and watching her favorite Netflix shows.

Grateful to be together serving you!

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