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The time is now for you to take ownership of your birth!  Physiologically, God designed you and your babe to work together for this sacred journey! 


What an honor to support you!  


While I am so grateful for all my resources and Midwifery texts, there is nothing like my Bible.  

I am a Certified Professional Midwife, and while I worked so hard to accomplish the CPM certification & being a Registered Midwife in the state of Colorado, I esteem God's calling on my life to be HIS assistant, a Midwife, even higher.  

What a high calling it is to be a Midwife serving families through out pregnancy, labor/birth in their own home as well as postpartum.  We are reminded in Ephesians 2:10, that we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  What great news, and as I look back on my life journey, it is without a doubt He has done this for me.  Starting at a young age, I became certified as a Massage Therapist specializing in prenatal and infant massage.  During this same time, I also became certified as a birth and postpartum Doula.  A year into being a Birth Doula, one of the Homebirth Midwives asked if I could start assisting her at births.  What equipping and training for now years down the road to be the Homebirth Christian Midwife that I am today.  May the Lord receive all the credit!  

Fetal Heart Tones

One of the FAV times around here is to hear babe's heartbeat for the first time.  Oh -  the gift!  Typically, mamas and daddies enjoy listening to babe, and when prior to 20 weeks gestation the option is with a doppler.  After 20 weeks and beyond, we have an option to  choose the doppler or a fetascope.  Both have pros and cons.  In labor as a team we prefer a doppler.  

What joy to walk with parents through this amazing journey!

Newborn Care

After enjoying your new precious gift - your baby, a Newborn Exam and the excitement of baby's measurements at birth  is completed from head to toe.  On day one (if you'd like) we can do a Hearing Screen, Heart Screen and Metabolic Newborn Screen. While it is not medically necessary but sure fun and a great keepsake, we enjoy stamping babe's footprints for you!

Babe Positioning

During prenatals we love to learn and study your babe with his or her position as well as share how to do so when  we are not with you.  As your estimation time draws near we want to encourage babe into an optimal position for birth, which supports mama and babe in many ways.   God truly designed our bodies miraculously!  


Midwifery Package Services include: 
        *On-call 24/7 availability 37 weeks through 42 weeks

  • *Labor and Birth support and attendance; Newborn Exam
    *4 Newborn and postpartum visits 
    *Safety Equipment and Medical Supplies provided
    *Optional use of Birth Pool 
    *Skilled Assistant Team Fees
    *Birth Certification Processing 
    *Resources/ Referrals
    *Routine Lab work (early and 28wks): $200
    *Routine GBS Swab (36 weeks): $30
    *Breastfeeding Support
    *Newborn Blood Spot Screen (2 parts): $115
    *Newborn Hearing Screen: $150
    *Newborn Heart Screening:  $150

        *4 Postnatals: birth - 6 weeks




Midwifery Package Services NOT included:

(Parents are responsible for items listed and pay if/when services are received) 
Lab work non-routine (possibly 36 weeks): $100


*Diagnostic Ultrasound (Referred Service): $300-$600

*Supplements to support healthy pregnancy and lactation

*Disposable birth supplies/ Water birth kit (list provided at 32 weeks): $100

*Consultation with other providers

*Hospital transport

*Twenty Week Anatomy Ultrasound Scan: App $300-$600

*Sneak Peak Gender Determination (referred out - 6 weeks): $150

*NIPT Genetic Screening/ Carrier Screening (10 weeks): $150-$250

*RhoGAM (if needed, 28 weeks & 24-48 hrs postpartum):  $150 per dose

*Newborn Vitamin K Injection (1 Hour post birth):  $40

*Newborn Erythromycin (1 Hour post birth):  $50

*Newborn Blood and Rh Typing (if needed): $20

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