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Massage Therapy

Benefits… Everyone can benefit from a professional massage.

• Relieves your stress and anxiety.

• Increases the nourishing blood supply to your tissues.

• Improves your energy and alertness.

• Assists the elimination of waste and toxic debris that are stored in your muscles.

• Increases the interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells.

• Heighten the oxygenation of the tissues.

• Stimulates the relaxation response within your nervous system.

• Helps strengthen your immune system.

• Improves your posture.

• Increases your joint flexibility and range of motion.

• Lowers your blood pressure.

   Benefits… For pregnant women… benefits include all of the above in addition too:

• Increase the flow of oxygen and blood to your tissues, acceleration the flow of nutrients to both you and your baby!

• Relieve the backaches and other pains often experienced during pregnancy.

• Decrease swelling and edema as it can drain toxins from your body.

• Help you to come to terms with your new body image.

Benefits…for laboring women… all of the above, in addition to:

Giving birth is often a long and arduous process. The work of repeatedly tensing muscles leaves a mother exhausted and adds to stress. Certain massage techniques can reduce your discomfort and provide a revitalizing respite (An interval of rest or relief,) relaxing you between (or during) contractions so you can gather strength for the next contraction. Having your partner or spouse learn a few simple techniques can be an excellent way to involve him in the birth process.

During Contractions

• Double Hip squeeze

• Counter pressure to the sacrum between Contractions

• Rhythmic effleurage massage strokes

• Firm pressure on eyebrows & forehead. Etc…

Benefits for baby, too!

• Helps your infant digest better, speeding the baby’s weight gain and growth.

• Helps to build muscle tone, coordination, and brain functioning.

• Stimulates your child’s circulation, helping to heal any birth-related trauma.

• Calms your baby’s nervous system.

• Establishes a pattern of relaxation at an early age, one that your child can follow into adulthood.

• Counterbalances frightening, negative messages about touch, teaching lessons about positive touch your child will carry throughout life.

• Helps daddies bond with babies… (As well as mommies!)

Momma, please give positive and negative feedback to massager…Be it professional or not!

One hour apx: $95

90 min: $120

Add'l Services:  Paraffin Hand Dip - $10

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