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Life on the inside is what matters through the different areas of our being. Whether it be the babe within your womb, your health emotionally or physically and your relationship with our creator, others, and yourself; it all takes place on the inside!

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The Life On The Inside Story

From Ranelle


As a very young girl, the passion of babies, pregnancy and birth was very evident and present! The passion continues as a midwife and birth doula.   My goal is to help you have a successful and positive birth, wherever that might be:

I am happy to help you birth…….

At a house

With a mouse

In a moat

With a goat.

In a bog,

With a log

At a farm,

That has charm.

However, in my 25+ years’ experience supporting in multiple places with multiple providers, it can be said without hesitation that I have seen the positive impact and amazing experiences with mamas and daddies giving birth at home with the model of midwifery care. 

Do you know the different models of care?  Who knew there really was a difference in how to have a babe as well as the prenatal and postnatal care? Let’s discuss.  Typically there are three options:  hospital, birth center and home birth.  The model of care looks different in all three.  In the book, “Heart & Hands” by Elizabeth Davis she states that anthropologist Robbie Davis-Floyd has identified three such paradigms: technocratic, humanistic , and holistic.  In holistic, as midwives we look at the whole you!

If you have ever considered home birth, but don’t think you could, or don’t think it’s safe, or don’t think you are up for it……….or, whatever, allow me to spend 30min with you, not trying to convince you, but to empower you to be able to make the best decision you can for you and your family.

I been at over 800 births, over the past 25+ years, and I have witnessed many many women, who didn’t think they could give birth no matter the place.  Period.  It is normal  to have doubts, and even giving birth at their home, but once they had the information, the facts, along with the support and model of care with the umbrella large concept, they did amazing.  It is always encouraged to visit with others who really have giving birth at home and gain their perspective.  Might this be you?

While I support you wherever you give birth, whether it is on a boat, or float or with a tote or around the moat and indeed help you note that God is good, might I encourage you to consider home.  Home is where it all begins! 

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Congratulations!!!  I am so glad you are here!  Indeed, life on the inside is priceless, so are you.  Let's visit!  When is your estimation of due time?  How can I support you?


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