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Birth Classes: $3,000
Midwifery Services: $5,000
Emergency Cesarean: $15,000
Ranelle as our Doula: Priceless!
Having Ranelle as our doula, was a priceless experience! Throughout our 33 hours of labor, Ranelle was there every minute. She stood by us with massages, breathing techniques; birthing postures; prayer and moral support just to name a few. Her gentle spirit and vast knowledge put us at ease. We will forever be grateful to of had Ranelle present at the birth of our daughter Luxe and will be sure to have her present for the next.


About 9 years ago I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband suggested that I get a prenatal massage. That lead me to Ranelle’s home where I received an incredible massage and learned about what a doula was!! I instantly felt at home around Ranelle. I felt like I could just be myself around her. I remember leaving there telling my husband that I’d love her to be a part of my birth ( At the time, I thought it was too late to hire her as our doula for that birth — I regret not doing so! It’s never too late to hire a doula!!) 

After many years of trying to have another child, we finally got pregnant again. I thought of Ranelle immediately. We chatted for a very long time. She was so patient as she answered all my questions! Ranelle is so knowledgeable in all things related to birth, babies, and the postpartum period. I was interested in having a VBAC and she explained what that might look like for me in detail. At our first prenatal appointment she spent so much time with my husband and I. She educated us about vaginal birth and eased all of my fears. There really wasn’t a question that she couldn’t answer. 

Ranelle was there for me every step of the way. She would check in on me to make sure I was feeling prepared. She offered to go with me to my appointments. She wanted to hear about each appointment and what my midwives were saying. She even helped me prepare my body as my due date inched closer and closer! She helped me differentiate Braxton hicks from real contractions! When I felt anxious, she prayed for me and pointed me to just the right scriptures! She reminded me in every step that the Lord is going before me. 

I was really hoping to be able to go into labor naturally but because I had gestational hypertension they needed to induce me at 39 weeks. Ranelle was there with me on the phone and in person RIGHT away!! She helped ease my fears as I walked into the hospital. She held my hand as they gave me my IV fluids and asked all the right questions as my medical team gave me all kinds of options at every turn. She advocated for my birth plan and when there were no portable monitors she repeatedly asked for one because she knew it was important to me. She encouraged and empowered my husband to be an incredible birth partner. As the pitocin increased so did my contractions and Ranelle was there reminding me to stay loose and relaxed. When it all became too intense and I got an epidural, she helped my hips stay open with a peanut ball + massage. She worked closely with my midwife as the two of them helped work my body into different positions to help my dilation. And as I went into the wee hours of the night, Ranelle slept in the room with me as we waited and waited for my body to dialate further. In the morning she read scripture to me. Reminding me that God never leaves us or forsakes us! 

After laboring for 2 1/2 days I needed to make a decision. Ranelle was right there with me. Helping me look at the pros + cons of every option they gave me. And ultimately supporting me as I made the decision to go through with another csection due to arrested dilation. She held my hand as I cried, feeling like I’d failed. She was right there with me in the OR helping me feel supported and at ease. Both she and my midwife advocated for skin and skin right away!! What a blessing!! She took so many pictures during the birth! They were beautifully photographed pictures! 

She checked on me via text each day postpartum. She answered every question and reassured each fear either with her experience or scripture! She came over for our postnatal appointment and spent lots of time with us. She helped us process our birth experience and she also talked with our older girls ( 8 and 7 ) about what postpartum would look like and encouraged them both in their new roles as big sisters! My girls just love Auntie Ranelle!! 

Once my baby was about a week old, I was having intense pain and cracking nipples. I texted Ranelle for some advise on how to make my situation better. She texted back right away, and headed to my house in the wee hours of the night to help me with my latch! Within a day the pain cleared and my nipples were feeling better! That night that she came over was paramount not only to my physical health but also to my emotional health!! We laughed so hard as she helped me figure it all out! She reminded me that God made us able to feed our babies and that I am no exception. When I expressed fears of low milk supply, etc she showed me the proof that I’m able to feed my baby well. 

I also almost had to go back into the hospital with postpartum preeclampsia. She talked me through each option as my medical team mentioned different ones to me. She helped me think outside the box as I made hard decisions! 

Ranelle is truly one of a kind. She pours everything she has into her clients. Even though she had several clients, I felt like I was her only one. Ranelle is a true gift! She not only empowered me, but also cared so well for my emotional and physical well-being. I’m so grateful that she was at my birth!

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I am a Labor & Delivery nurse and worked with and trusted my midwife and nurses. Even so, I am very aware of changing shifts and the demands of other patients. We wanted a constant reassuring support during labor. Someone who is calm and quiet. It was the best decision my husband and I ever made to have Ranelle with us! Ranelle offered great suggestions and kept me calm and focused. We had a beautiful unmedicated hospital delivery. We also treasure the birth pictures she took. Having a doula was our number one best choice for attaining the natural delivery we wanted.


Ranelle has been with me now for all three of my children's births. I cannot imagine birthing without her support. For all of my birth my husband and I both agreed we couldn't have done it without her! Her presence is so calming and reassuring. She is a beautiful and thoughtful support that anyone would be blessed to have in labor and birth. She is calm, and very attentive. She goes above and beyond every time!   Photo (as well as two on front page) credit:  Seasons Hurd Birth Photography


There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are that Ranelle could serve as our doula for both our son’s births. My husband and I both benefited from the prenatal visits, labor and delivery support, and the postpartum checkups. Ranelle has an incredibly calm and  encouraging spirit which was so refreshing leading up to labor and in the delivery room. Her wisdom, knowledge, and experience empowered us to be our own advocate and make decisions that are best for our family. We are so thankful for Ranelle and will forever be connected as she confidently yet humbly walked through the 2 most life changing events of my life. Thank you for your invaluable gift of birth support


I can’t recommend Ranelle highly enough! Her grounded, empathic nature was such a comfort during my pregnancy. Her birthing skills - massage, positioning ideas, coaching - made a drug-free labor more comfortable, and she was such a great support for my husband. It was obvious Ranelle has helped countless women in labor over the past decades, and I had great confidence in my birthing team. And must mention, she is awesome with prenatal massage!

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My husband and I really enjoyed using Ranelle as our doula for the birth of our fourth son. When we originally met with her we were planning a hospital birth as we had done with our three previous births, but we weren't thrilled with the choices of healthcare providers in our area. Ranelle talked with us about the option of a home birth, and we quickly decided that was the way to go this time around. We are very thankful for Ranelle educating us and leading us down the home birth path, because it was an amazing experience! During the birth Ranelle worked very cohesively with our midwives and was a joy to be around. Ranelle has a beautiful heart that is easy to see the minute you meet her. She is also very knowledgeable about what she does, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to bring our precious baby boy into the world with her!
Crystal and Chris

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